Diaper Bag Dilemmas SOLVED

I've been a part of the mommy club for a year and a half now and if you're anything like me, you've purchased several diaper bags that you "thought" were you at the time but then they ultimately ended up not fitting your style (or the season).

This is why I wanted to bring 1154 Lill Studio in Chicago to your attention. I recently visited Lill for a friend's bachelorette party. We had so much fun picking out fabrics and designing handbags. It was almost a bit overwhelming for a shopaholic girlie-girl such as myself.

The DIANA style is Lill's premiere mommy diaper bag. I designed this one online:

The coolest thing about 1154 Lill is that you make your bag to fit YOU. No one makes it for you. These days it's all about individuality. I like flowers, I like polka dots, I like stripes. Why not display all of these patterns on one bag, a bag that represents you?

You can make it funky. You can make it playful. You can make it sophisticated, it's all YOU and that's the best part! Now, go and play!

If you're in town, visit Lill at 904 W. Armitage Chicago, IL 60614 or, you can design and order your bag online HERE.

*1154 Lill Studio also has boutiques in Boston and Kansas City.