Mommies, Get Tagged!

Last year, when my little one was still a newborn, I decided it was very important for me to "show off" my mommy-hood. I'm not the fancy-schmancy jewelry-type, so when I found mommytags, I was tickled pink! I placed my order right away and within a week or so, my mommy tag necklace arrived.

Mommy tags are made from silver that is recycled from film. The coolest thing about these tags are that they are made, one by one, by work-at-home moms. You go, ladies!

Hey, Mother's Day is just around the corner...these accessories make GREAT gifts. They even have tags for the Dads. If you'd rather not pick the jewelry out yourself, give her a mommy tags gift certificate.

Another plus is if there are more children in my future, I can always add another personalized tag to my necklace. We're not leaving anyone behind around here!


Anonymous said...

I really like these. And apparently my wife that is saying "hint hint" does as well.