It's a Small World After All

Last year, my in-laws bought Hailey the Neurosmith "Together Tunes Sing Along" block. She LOVES it!

This giant, soft cube plays numerous nursery rhyme favorites, such as:
The itsy bitsy spider, the wheels on the bus and five little monkeys to name a few.

All you do is give it a little tap and it starts to play a song. It has a weasel that you can make "pop" out, a spider that you can pull out, wheels that actually turn and animals that squeak. Here is my lovely toddler, at 11 months old, modeling the size of the block:

The Together Tunes Sing Along Block was rated by Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children's Products for 2005, Top Creative Toys Awards - Preferred Choice. Unfortunately, I do not believe Neurosmith carries this particular block anymore. However, there are several other blocks just like it that would be just as much fun, I'm sure. If you go onto Ebay and/or, you can most likely find the block I'm reviewing here.

I highly suggest checking out the Small World Toys website and taking a look at all of the other great early learning toys they offer.


Laura Seymour said...

i checked out their's rad!

Anonymous said...

we need to get one of these!!