the little people matter too

Remember the Little People that we played with back in our day? They were WOODEN!

The Little People of today are so much different! They are plastic and chunky and we love them! Hailey plays with her LP's on a daily basis. So far, her Fisher Price Little People collection consists of:

Sweet Sounds Home
Lil' Movers SUV
Lil' Movers Fire Truck
Lil' Dino Brontosaurus
and a tube of three LP's

She received the Sweet Sounds Home as a gift for her 1st birthday. She absolutely loves pushing the LP's out the back door. It's pretty cute. It's nice that they are so chunky, I don't have to worry so much about her shoving them down her throat if she decides to chew on one. The features of the Sweet Sounds Home are pretty cool. There is a phone that rings, a baby that says "mama", a mobile that plays music, kittens that meow.
The SUV and the firetruck also play songs and make sounds. The Little People are definitely some of the best toddler toys that we own so far. I just discovered from checking out the Fisher Price website that there is a Little People storage bag. It's only $3.99. I think I'll be ordering me one of those. There is also a PLAYMAT for $4.99. FUN!


Laura Seymour said...

we have the barn, the bus, noah's ark and the playground & we love them too (even though right now it's more biting them and banging them together that's fun)!