aquadoodle - a parent's dream come true!

We purchased the Aquadoodle 1 2 3 Draw with Me Draw N' Doodle Mat for Hailey for Christmas. She was 14 months old and really didn't have any interest in it at that time (except for chewing on the pen). She just turned 17 months and I got the Aquadoodle back out since she's been expressing a little more interest in "coloring" while we're at restaurants. The best thing about this product is that it only requires filling up a doodling pen with WATER. That means NO MESS and we LOVE that! There will be time for messes but when you just want to preoccupy your little one for a while, this is the perfect drawing mat. There are all different types of mats; square, round, t.v. characters, etc. You can also purchase additional accessories for your Aquadoodle. I've seen extra pens and shapes that run around $9.99 at your local Target or Walmart.

This is definitely a product that will grow with your child. Don't hesitate to pick one of these up and let your toddler have at it! It's great practice for their little imaginations.


Unknown said...

Now I have that silly aquadoodle commercial song in my head!

Anonymous said...

i'll be getting one of these SOON! looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

just scrolling thru your archives and happened upon this... we have one of these too for georgia, and yes, it's tons of fun for her and just as exciting for me since it's not at all messy!