Food Fight (hide the evidence, change your shirt)

Geez, another food post, you say? Noooo...Food Fight is an eBoutique that carries a lot of fun apparel (onesies and tees) for the kiddos.

They offer tees and onesies (newborn to 6) from many popular brands including, Jeeto!, Childish and Red Decco to name a few.

We're currently digging on this awesome "Little Miss Fun" tee by Junk Food. Talk about bringing me back to my childhood days.

I was delighted with the packaging of the Food Fight tee. It was packaged as a "hot dog". That is just one of a couple of different gift wrap options they have.

The owners of Food Fight enjoy giving back. $1 of every sale goes to, a not-for-profit organization that provides school supplies to public school classrooms in need.

Hope you have a chance to head over to Food Fight and take a look around today!


Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

What cute packaging and CUTE shirt!!!!


kristie said...

awwww, i LOVE the little miss shirts. i actually have 2 myself!