Final extra chance - Zutano Giveaway!

zutanozutanoHere is your 3rd chance to enter to win the $250 gift certificate to Zutano's eBoutique!

For this entry, please email us your answer to the following question:

"What is the name of Zutano's cuddly, soft mascot? " (Hint: Click either bunny image!)

Email your answer to mumsthewurd[at]gmail[dot]com with "Zutano 3rd Chance" in the subject line and your answer to the question in the body of your message.

*3rd chance Zutano entries will be accepted all day 3/5/08 through midnight 3/6/08. You can still enter Day One: Zutano (if you haven't already).

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

No answers here, please email your answer to mumsthewurd at gmail dot com

Thanks and good luck!

Milk Mama said...

That's awesome! Thanks for the third chance for this wonderful giveaway! It's a total blessing! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the extra chance to win! :)

jenny said...

hopei'mnot to lateto enter but well thay say the 3 time a chairm so well i love to win some thing for my little one and every thing is so cool