Myself Belts: Easy as 1-2-3!

There is a lot of movement going on in our house these days with a non-stop, energetic toddler who is neither short nor tall but juuuuust right. Basically that means, most of her pants are too long for her and a little too loose. I know it's sort of a fad to have your pants hanging down off of your backside but I'm just not a fan of that for my 2 year old.

Luckily, there is a quick and easy fix for my problem. Myself Belts (retailing around $14.95). Perfect for the in-between stage and when your little one is old enough and working on potty-training, it's ideal for their independence. They are adjustable by Velcro and come in an array of adorable colors and styles for boys and girls.

Two sisters and mompreneurs came up with this unique idea when they saw the lack of kid-friendly belts on the market. I think they were having the same problem as me. :)

Myself Belts also come in adult sizes (Retailing around $24.95). Think rehabilitation patients, individuals with cognitive issues and those with physical ailments. How about post pregnancy? Not quite ready to get out of those maternity pants but definitely not ready for your skinny jeans yet? Myself Belts are a great solution.


kristie said...

what a cool idea! just the other day my daughter was very frustrated because she couldn't put her belt on right...