Baby Showers? No Problem.

Want to know a secret? I have never planned a baby shower. I probably never will. I'm just not a good planner. I never give gifts on time, I'm always forgetting birthdays...that's just how it is. I don't think after 30+ years of being this way, that I will ever recover. However, I am sure that most of you out there are awesome hostesses and hosts and love throwing parties.

With the current "baby trend" I've been seeing (I know approximately 20 people personally that are having or have had babies since December & will continue through August!), I know this site will come in handy for those of you that aren't like me.

Bliss Wedding Market has gazillions of wedding favors, and billions of baby shower favors! With about 100 items to choose from in the baby shower department alone, you're sure to find something pleasing for any parents-to-be, and all of their friends. What I like about the gifts Bliss offers, is that a lot of them, you will be able to actually use.

I got several items from Bliss to review, and they were almost all useful outside of the shower environment, and unique in general (at least as far as what I've seen at showers). As someone who loves taking pictures, I think these picture coasters are a superb idea. I also like these little bottle candles. Cute for the shower, then take them home and your house will smell great! Who couldn't use a new candle? I know I always enjoy them, and these really do smell lovely! My favorite though, are the plant-able wild flower favors. These come in several different styles-bears, prams, and hearts. You actually plant the "bear", etc.! What a cool reminder of your friends, family members, or your own new baby and the special day you celebrated with those who love you.

Right now, Bliss does not offer a Baby Shower planner, but they do offer a quite extensive on-line Wedding Planner. Take a look, or tell a friend getting hitched! Next time you're stuck in a shower planning rut, check out Bliss Wedding Market and get some fun and versatile ideas for party favors!


Anonymous said...

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