Play Along with a Book

Before I knew who Publications International, Ltd. was, I already had quite a few of their electronic books on Hailey's bookshelf.

Included in her collection are some of her favorite characters; Nemo, Elmo, Dora, Baby Einstein and her absolute favorites, the Little Einsteins. We also have the Disney Princesses floating around our house somewhere...

She has enjoyed these books ever since she could sit up and use her motor skills, which has been a long time now. Her most recent favorites are the Little Einsteins book pictured above and her "Party Time with Blue" book. She loves moving the hands of the clock and listening to what time it is. She's actually learning how to tell what time it is at age 2 because she plays with this book so much. Don't get me wrong, I'm still the best teacher for her but a little help along the way doesn't bother me in the least.

You can find these electronic books virtually everywhere and they make for GREAT, inexpensive gifts (generally retailing under $20) for the little ones.

We've also just discovered the Story Reader line by Publications International, Ltd. The Classic Story Reader Line (ages 3-8 yrs) and My First Story Reader (6 mos-3 yrs) are fantastic additions to your gift list this year. Both retail for around $20 and include three interchangeable books. I highly recommend the Story Reader books. We actually also have the Leap Frog Little Touch LeapPad and I prefer the Story Reader books to that, plus they are cheaper.

So, you may have to run back out and grab something from Publications International to put under the tree this still have plenty of time left! :)