If You're ____ and You Know It, Clap Your Hands!

Name Your Tune is a great gift for ANYONE!!! Hailey and Noel received a "Name Your Tune" CD for their listening pleasure and they dig it! Noel lights up every time he hears his name announced in the songs.

The folks at Name Your Tune really know their stuff. Eric, the co-founder, has been in the Canadian music biz for about 15 years. They're a family operated business, dedicated to bringing your child an introduction to music, art & creativity.

Name Your Tune CDs are made to order, can contain ANY name, and even contain multiple names. They'll basically do whatever you ask of them! Check out the playlist here. You can also add a personal message on to the CD itself. "Made Especially for You, Noel, from Mommy & Daddy", for example. They will even add special touches, like a card or gift wrapping.

There's a lot of people who love these cool Canadians-not just us. They also dedicate a portion of their earnings to Hear Here-a non-profit that helps get hearing aids to children.

Check out Name Your Tune and get a personalized CD in time for the Holidays!

Name Your Tune is participating in our Holiday Blog Hunt-sign up today, and you just might win this cool CD!