Our New Favorite Book!

I am willing to bet that you've never laid eyes on a personalized book quite like this one! The First Adventures of Incredible You, by Sarah Riley Hedrick and Sarah Foreman Rivera (the Sarahs), illustrated by Jill Dryer Bartolucci is probably the best personalized item I have seen. Not only does it incorporate your child into the story, but their friends, pets, parents, favorite places, and more! Click here to see what I'm talking about.

The Sarahs sent Noel his own personalized copy to review, and us parents immediately fell in love with this sweet book. Actually, we've put it away for when he's a little older, because we really do not want this book getting destroyed! It is illustrated with rad, groovy and musically inspired drawings that are bold and cool. Throughout the colorful pages, your child will get a glimpses of his or her life: how he came into the world, things he likes to do, and how things might be in the future. I must admit, this book pulled at our heartstrings and had us welling up. It's hard to explain how great this book is!

This book would make the PERFECT Christmas gift. Order one here, or WIN ONE when you enter our Holiday Blog Hunt! Hurry and get one now!