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I'm not even sure how to being this review because truthfully, I'm still awestruck with the impressive backgrounds of the owners of this fine company. The product they have to offer is extremely unique and I have a feeling these dolls are going to fly right off of the shelves (launched this past summer 2007).

I am talking about KidsGive, LLC and their product, Karito Kids. The message behind these dolls is a big one and it's one that I hope all parents will pass along to their children. The word "Karito" means "charity and love of one's neighbor". The Karito Kids dolls are here to help our children understand just that, to love their neighbors (across the street and across the world).

The importance of these dolls is to help our kids understand that there are others out there less fortunate and they can make a difference in someone's life.

These 21" tall, ethnically accurate, fashion play dolls (approx. age 11) are a child's dream come true (for children ages 6 and up). The five doll's characteristics are truly unique to their ethnicities; Latin, African, Asian, Mediterranean and Caucasian. You're sure to find something to love about each of them, as they each come with their own story book. Your child can learn so much and fall completely in love with them.

One of the best features about the phthalate-free vinyl play dolls is that once you've purchased one, you may log into the Karito Kids website with your child and activate their "donation". Their donation is actually 3% of the retail price of the doll and once activated, goes toward Plan USA and the cause of your child's choice (growing up healthy, learning, habitat or livelihood). You can sign up to receive email updates from Karito Kids and learn where your donation has gone to helping someone in need.

Owners Laura and Lisa graciously guided me through the activation process and showed me the technology side to the Karito Kids. I'm pretty sure I stood there, jaw dropped, as I watched them click through and show me the amazing features of these dolls and their easy-to-navigate website. It's truly incredible how "playing" has become something so interactive for kids with the entire world. There are many ways for our kids to become "best friends" with their Karito Kids' dolls and help those in need at the same time. The dolls, outfits and books are available for purchase HERE or in a store NEAR YOU.

With all that being said, we are very honored to have the opportunity to GIVE AWAY a Karito Kids doll!

Meet Pita Rena Corta. She is from Mexico City, Mexico and LOVES horses. She has a horse named Estrella and you can read about Pita's adventure with Estrella in the story book that comes packaged with her (a $99.95 retail value).

Ok, I'll say it. I'M JEALOUS. I want one of these dolls for my Hailey! But in the spirit of the season, we will gladly give one away. :)


Day One Question:

Email us the number of iParentingMedia Outstanding Product Awards Karito Kids have received in 2007. (Hint: click HERE). Send the email to mumsthewurd[at]gmail[dot]com with Karito Kids in the subject line.

*This contest is part of our "Games for Giving" series.

Contest ends on Sunday, December 2nd at 10 pm.

You are allowed to enter ONCE every day that this contest is running pending the following rules.


Check out MTW DAILY for new product reviews during the Games for Giving Series which will run for the next seven days (new prize each day).

Each day, a new Karito Kids' question will be posted on our site. To be eligible for a daily entry to win Pita, you will have to submit a new email to the above email address with the new answer (and Karito Kids in the subject line). Your email MUST BE RECEIVED on the same date as the corresponding day's question.

Emails received on a different date than the corresponding question will not qualify. By the end, you will have up to 12 chances to win her!

***An email with the answer to the question above (Day one) will be accepted at any time for the duration of the contest. So if you're visiting late, you still have at least one chance to win her.

***This contest is open to the U.S. only (sorry about that, other countries!)***

*I will ship out the doll so the winner will receive her before the Christmas holiday (12/25)



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