Witty tees at TeeWit

Witty tees are all the rage these days and we love it! Since we're huge music fans at our house and the iPods are constantly being used, TeeWit's "iPood" shirt was quite fitting for our toddler. We get a kick out of it, not sure how she'll feel when she's old enough to realize we used her as a billboard for cuteness but hey, we're the bosses!

TeeWit has a huge selection of funny toddler tees, onesies, bibs and gifts for the whole family. They also carry maternity tees that will ward off those "belly touchers". You know who I'm talking about, right? I wish I would have had something like the "Touch my belly, lose a hand" tee when I was pregnant with Hailey. At least I know where to find sassy apparel for the next time around!

It's hard to pick which TeeWit design is my favorite. Definitely the iPood/iPeed designs (for obvious reasons). It's nice to find a reasonably-priced apparel shop that has something for almost every personality. Oh and check it, they've got gifts not just for Grandma and Grandpa but for Abuela, Abuelo, Memaw, Mimi, Nana, Nani, Oma, Opa, Pappou, Pappous, Pepaw, PopPop, YaYa and YiaYia too! They are also ready to personalize a product just for you!

Halloween, my FAVORITE holiday by the way, is just around the corner, so take a look-see at TeeWit's Halloween designs. You didn't think they'd forget about Thanksgiving, did you? Of course, they have all of those in-between holiday designs too.

TeeWit would like you to stop by their site and do some shopping. They are generously offering one lucky MTW reader a $50 eCertificate to their online shop!

Here is what you need to do to enter:

Leave a comment on THIS post telling us how your kids (or grandkids, nieces/nephews, friends) refer to their relatives. Example, Grandpa is "PopPop", Aunt is "Nina" and so on. Hey, if it's good old aunt/uncle, grandma/grandpa, that's fine too! We're just nosey.

*PUH-LEEEASE don't forget your contact information! A lot of people with private profiles enter and we have no way of contacting you! Be sure your profile is public or you leave your email address, OK? Hey, if I were entering, I would want to make sure that I was reachable, that's for sure.

This giveaway will end on Tuesday, September 18th at 10:00 pm CST.

Good luck!

**Contest reminder: Don't forget to enter our Natural Pod $100 G.C., Zutano $150 G.C. and MomSpit giveaways!


Bradley Baker said...

Mom (formerly Mommy)
Dad (formerly Daddy)

Unknown said...

Grandma is Memere, and Grandpa is Pepere

miriama said...

Grandpa and Grandma

agordon10 said...

Grandpa is Papa
Grandma is Granma

Tammy said...

Maternal Grandma and Grandpa are Omi and Opi
Paternal Grandma well is Grandma! lol!


Heather said...

Grandparents are Nana and Grandpa or Gigi and Papa.

Maude Lynn said...

Paternal is grandma and grandpa.
Maternal is mamaw.

Anonymous said...

Cute t's!

Daddy = daw-dee
Mommy = mawm
Grandma = Bugba
Grandpa = Pawpaw
Aunts and Uncles she uses their names - Teecee (Tracey), Kav (Kevin), etc.

Brit said...

My E calls my parents Nanny and Papa and then he calls my husbands parents Mas and Papa. It's so cute. His aunt Amy is "mimi" and uncle aaron is "arnie"

Anonymous said...

i would love this.

just the usual
daddy- sometimes they call him jack
aunts and uncles just by there name


Bebemiqui said...

Let's see
We have an extra set of grandparents, so my kids have 2 grandma's and one granny.
One of their Aunt's is just called Bink.

CrystalGB said...


My neice call me Uncle instead of aunt and no one can convince her to say aunt. It is so funny.

Sheila said...

My kids call them Mom Mom and Pop Pop.

Anonymous said...

We use grandmommy, granddaddy, nanny, and papaw. Their great-grandmother is "Gi-Gi".


Brooke said...

Mom, Dad, Uncle Jason, Uncle Jeffrey, Grandma, Grandpa, Papa, Granny. And we have steps: Grandma Lauri, Grandpa Ken.

Anonymous said...

I'm the grandma and I'm called "Nana". My husband is the Grandpa and he is called "PopPops". My two younger sons are the Uncles & they are Uncle Matty & Uncle Shawn.

Qtpies7 said...

Our kids have little names for their grandmas.
The pizza grandma, the grandma with the crazy hair, the grandma who always brings us stuff. LOL
Grandpas are all grandpas with different last names.
They called great grandma "Grandma Great" much to her delight!

Anonymous said...

Maternal Grandma: Grandma
Maternal Grandpa: Grandpa
Paternal Grandma: Gran
Paternal Granpa: Pa
Great-Grandparents: Mamaw and Papaw

lace said...

My niece uses

The baby is just beginning to say granpa - papa

reveilletx said...

Grand mother is Mimi
Grand Father is Papa

Kimberley said...

My husband's paternal grandparents are Oma and Opa.
My maternal grandparents are GGMa and GGPa.
My paternal grandparents are Mamasan and Papasan.

Thyen Party of Four said...

Fran'ma and Fran'pa in this house :)

Laurel said...

my baby has a Grandma, Grandpa, Nana and a Papa. That keeps it a lot easier!!

Jo said...

We're pretty simple in the names here. Grandma is Grandma Nancy and Great Grandma is Grammy Yola. Unfortunately Papa Ron and Papa Tony are no longer with us.


Unknown said...

My sibs call them nana and papa

Andrea said...

So far it's grandpa and grandma! :) But it might change, ya never know :)

sillelin said...

gramma & grampa

Aimee said...

BaBa - Grandma
PaPa - Grandpa
Tee-Tee - Auntie
Dee - Daddy

That's about it for now!

Anonymous said...

oma and opa

Montserrat said...

We do the usual names of grandma and grandpa but for their great-grandparents we use names from our heritage: Avi and Yaya (which mean grandpa and grandma respectively in Catalan) and Guelito and Guelita (variants of abuelo and abuela in Spanish). They call aunts and uncles by their first name. We are so original aren't we?

bfox74 said...

Mama, Diddy
Grandma, Grandaddy

Jilt said...

Grandma and Grandpa - we're not really original!

Anonymous said...

Since my husband's parents and my parents are both divorced and remarried... We had to come up with 8 different titles for our grandparents. We won't even mention the Great Grandparents in this post. We have Meme and Papa, G'ma Cathy and G'pa Mike, Grammy and Grampy, Grand Daddy and Nana Karen.

Unknown said...

Grandma- Bubbie
Grandfather- Zaidy

jenna said...

My Mom & Dad = Belle & Doc. My poor kids already have (my grandparents) Grandmother & Grandfather, (my hub's grandparents) Grandma & Grandpa, and (my hub's parents) Grandmom & Granddad. So many "grands" in their life, and my parents were thrilled that my son could say Belle & Doc before anyone else's name!

Deb said...

Grandpa is Papa. That's the only nickname that we have. Oh, and our good friend, he is Unkie Josh.

Sassyfrazz said...

Well, "Grandma" has been
1) Damma, 2)Jamra, 3)Gamma, and now it is 4)Grandma
My kids talk pretty well for their ages, so we use "uncle, aunt, sister...etc." My two year old called his brother, "budder". Now he is starting to use his name.
sharvey (at) connections-etc (dot) net I posted this contest on my blog, too.

Unknown said...

Moms Mom Grandma = Nana
Moms Dad Grandpa = Dah
Dads Mom Grandma = Vovo (short O Sound)
Dads Dad Grandpa - Vovo (long O Sound)
Great Grandma = G G Nana
Great Grandpa = G G Dah

Unknown said...

Mom = Maawmii
Dad = Poppii

Mimi said...

My parents are Grandmother and Grampa

My in-laws are Nanny & Grandad

We are Mom & Dad... only it's usually MOOOOOMMMMM!! {sigh!} and DAD! {happy smiles}

JewelsHud said...

My parents are Nonni & Pop (although she used to be Nonna - but my son decided to change it at age 1).

My husband's parents are Meemaw and Peepaw (at least at this point).


Anonymous said...

Grandma and Grandpa

Anonymous said...

My Mom to my children is Nanny.
(My Dad is passed away now but he was Papaw Jack)

Hubby's parents are:
Mamaw Betty (hubby's step mom)
then his bio mom is Mamaw

I blogged this contest too:
Thursday Edition of Contests Galore

Tiffany G said...

is Grandma



Crystal F said...

My mom is mamaw
My dad is papaw
My dh's dad is pop
My dh's stepdad is papa
My dh's mom is nana
Aunts and uncles are just thier name


Anonymous said...

Grandpa = papa
Grandma = mama

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

My in-laws: Grandma S****** and Papa S******

My mom and step-dad: Granny Paula and
Papa Doug

My dad and step-mom: Granny Tina and
Papa Bob

Don't know how my side got referred to with first names. LOL It just kinda happened!

CPA Mom said...

My kids call my mom Nana at her request. They call my husband's dad Pop-Pop and his mom Grandma. We have no contact with my dad.

pancak said...

GM1 = Grandmom
GF1 = Pop-pop
GM2 = Ba
GF2 = Dada
MY GM = Nanny

bethany said...

My boy still isn't calling anyone anything-he refuses to speak :) My husband is trying to teach him to call all of his grandparents by their first names just to irritate them.

Farrah said...

My son calls my mom "me-me" because she wanted to be Grammy but that is how it came out. My dad is "PA" and I use caps because it is said with heavy emphasis. Not "pa" but "PA"!!

He calls me "mama," pretty standard.
My sister is "T-T" because we started calling her auntie.
My husband is "DA" with the same emphasis as "PA."

Shama-Lama Mama said...

One grandma is Mima, but the other one is called something like "Bee-uh". My son gave her the name and she loved having a homemade name so much she stuck with it.

Unknown said...

Grandma is grams
Grandpa is gramps

Anonymous said...

Nana, Grampa,
One uncle is just Unk
the other is Uncle Tom


redron said...

grandma and grandpa what else

Donna said...

Grandma and Pop Pop
Nana and Grandpa
Yes...that is how they go together, even though you'd think Nana should go with Pop Pop.

Doreen said...

Just Grandma & Grandpa! :)

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

Love these tees!!

I am Mama, Dad is Da Da

My mom is Mimi & my dad is "Mimi's Grandpa" (ha.) Hubby's parents are Grandpa & Grandma!


Alexia said...

Grandma = Grammy
Great Grandma = GG
Great Grandpa = PopPop

Love the shirts!

houseofeling said...

we're pretty basic here....
my parents are grandma and grandpa, the inlaws are nanna and papa...

Anonymous said...

It is pretty ridiculous that my son can't even talk, yet he has a Mimi, Aunt Bella, and Uncle Digs...we're nickname people. ;)


Anonymous said...

Grandfather is Poppy
Grandmother is Mimi

Karen said...

My dh's dad and step mom are Grandpa Mike and Grandma Valerie (boring)
My dh's mom is Grandma Lightbulb (she bought the kids flashlights the same Christmas that we bought her a torch light and "Lightbulb" stuck!)
My parent's are Grandpa and Grandma Shadow (because they had a dog named Shadow. They are still called that even though the dog passed away nearly 5 years ago!)

Cool idea for a contest!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My mom is Coco, Hubby's mom is Mimi and the grandpas are both called Papa

Rockin' Mama said...

Well, my son's grandparents are grandma, grandpa, nana, and papa so that each set of grandparents is unique. He has one set of great grandparents and they are Granny B and Pop Pop.

jasonncaryn [at] yahoo [dot] com

Rockin' Mama said...

Nothing special, just grandma and grandpa

BlondeBlogger said...

We have Grandma(Lastname) for my kids' great-grandma (who, obviously is my grandma and my angel on earth!)

Then there's Grandma and PopPop (my parents).

And Nonna and Grandpa(LastName) for my husband's mom and dad. (his mother is Italian)

Ron said...

Grandma & Grandpa, Aunt & Uncle, nothing strange at all

Anonymous said...

my mom is known as meena (to my daughter georgia) which is just the cutest name to us all at this point. and my dad is papa. and her other granparents are gwama and papa. ha. love it.

Anonymous said...

grandma is mimi, grandpa is poppi, great grandma is nana and the usual for the rest!

Anonymous said...

we're mama and papa,
his parents are grammie and grampie,
my mom is grandma,
my dad is poppy,
and my favourite grandparents are nana and papa

my email is buffalosoup at hot mail dot com (you know what I mean)

kgilligan said...

Grandpa Jim
Gramma and Grampa

Anonymous said...

My son's too young to talk much, only 9 months old. He does however call me mom, mama or mommy. Sometimes we hear papa in refernce to his father. My mother is nonna, my grandmother is ggma. My email is aleyciaf@aol.com. Thanks so much for the oppurtunity. My son needs some witty shirts to match his "papa's".

Aleycia Feggan

Ellen said...

Mom - Mommy
Dad - Dada
Grandma - Mama
Grandpa - Papa/Gran-pa

Monkey Giggles said...

Just the basic here.
Mama, dad, Grandpa, Grandma,

Anonymous said...

It's pretty basic for the most part. My kids have grandparents and greatgrandparents on all sides of the family. Only my mom is called Grammie (she insisted) I'm Mama and she say's Daddy.

noreen said...

My mom has to be called Nana and gets mad at strangers if they call her Grandma

Anonymous said...

Too Cute! Count me in!
cnelson67 at gmail dot com

Right now my little one calls everyone "MAH!" but he has a few Grammas and Grampas, a nana and a papa.

Anonymous said...

Mommy and Daddy are mama and dada...

His sister is either nana (arianna) or ci-ci (sissy?)

Papa is po-po lol

He's only 10 months so cant really talk... those one's are pretty good though!! :)


Anonymous said...

Grandma= mama
grandpa= papa
Aunt Jennifer= aunt denafour

Anonymous said...

Mostly the usual names...grandma, grandpa, etc. but also Tia(aunt in Spanish) Lisa, Tio (uncle in Spanish) Mark and just plain Auntie. Thanks! marmali@windstream.net

Anonymous said...

My parents are called
Oma and Opa.
We also have a papa. My two year old has taken to calling my mother mama ( breakin' my heart)

Anonymous said...