Simply Wonderful!

Amy & I are the proud recipients of beautiful works of art by Simply Silhouettes. Patrick and Angela started Simply Silhouettes for one simple reason: so they could spend more time together, and as a family. This great business will capture any likeness you want to send, and put it on almost anything. You can get something simple, or gifts such as tote bags or jewelry, even apparel! Amy & I got room decor, where you have your choice of classic, design, or custom.

These are works of art that will be treasured by our families for many years to come. I am so impressed by the quality of these canvases, especially for the cost! Don't have kids? You can also get silhouettes done of yourself, your spouse (perhaps the two of you together?), even the beloved family pet!
If you want a keepsake or family heirloom, I highly recommend Simply Silhouettes. Wouldn't this make a wonderful gift for the grandparents for the holidays?


Anonymous said...

very pretty! and so unique!