See Kai Run: Urban footwear for first steps

When my husband and I found out we were having a girl, I immediately turned to him and apologized. I apologized to him because I knew that all of our hard-earned money would go toward her wardrobe. I'll have to admit, I never imagined my little girl having so many pairs of shoes before her second birthday. She may have quite the selection of shoes but by far the most flexible and comfortable are her See Kai Run shoes.

Here is Hailey, in her "Hailey" style SKR shoes. A perfect match, if I do say so myself! These shoes are made from flexible leather and have TPR (thermoplastic rubber) soles. They are very soft and durable, not to mention super stylish and adorable, just like your little one.

See Kai Run shoes range in sizes from 3 (6-9 mos) to 9 (3 yrs). Their shoes are available at select retail locations around the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Europe. They are also available at online boutiques. Prices range anywhere from $24 to $42 with most right around the $32-$36 range. If you are looking to purchase, I highly suggest browsing through the list of online boutiques listed on the See Kai Run website, which we've conveniently linked for you HERE. I'm confident you'll find a good deal at one of those shops.

**NEW** If you are looking for bigger sizes, visit See Kai Run's sister site, Eleven. Sizes at Eleven range from 9 (2.5-3 yrs) to 1 (7 yrs). Just because your little one is getting bigger doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the unique shoes! Eleven shoes will be available for purchase this coming February 2008. We think you won't be disappointed with the "bigger kid's" shoes! We'll also keep you posted when they become available.


One lucky MTW reader will win a pair of See Kai Run shoes. Check out the shoes you can choose from HERE. Scroll down to the "Also Available" section and there you have it! Plenty of unique treads to pick from.
*This giveaway is NOT for anything in the new Fall & Winter Collection 2007.

*Sizes of select shoes may be limited, so make sure you have a couple of favorites in mind in case the size in the style you want is out of stock.


"What month and year did See Kai Run shoes start arriving in specialty boutiques?"
I'll give you a can find the answer on See Kai Run's About page CLICK HERE! =)

This giveaway ends on Friday, September 21st at 10:00 pm CST.


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Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

I LOVE See Kai Run shoes for Gray!! We just bought the Tristans and Elias for the fall- they are too adorable! Hailey's are DARLING!!

And thank you for the heads up about Eleven shoes- had never heard of them before!


Anonymous said...

November, 2004....

Anonymous said...

November 2004
These shoes are so cute! I will getting some. Carolyn Whetstone

Anonymous said...

November 2004
oh my goodness are these ever cute! yet another perfect lil' place to shop for baby showers, and new child birth presents!!!!! AND perfect too for a new godmother to get for her new little godchild (birthdays, christmas, easter...) THANKS!

Jessie said...

cute cute cute! I have seen these on other babes but mine doesn't have any - yet :)

The Mums said...