a box!

Well if this just isn't the cat's meow. Stacey Griffin, a super-mom from New Orleans has a pretty unique idea for an environmentally friendly quick drink. a box! We especially love Aqua2Go because of the convenience it provides and its founder's commitment to making a difference in our environment. It even fits perfectly in our new Dwink box holder!

Stacey, Aqua2Go's founder, is a business owner in New Orleans and lost everything during Hurricane Katrina. She was one of the fortunate ones though and did not lose her house. Since then, she has rebuilt her business as well as starting her new boxed water endeavor. Aqua2Go is purified by reverse osmosis purification and has a 5-year shelf life. Its packaging is aseptic which means it is a renewable resource (74% of the package is made from paper). Read more about the Aqua2Go packaging HERE.

Aqua2Go is available through as well as other merchants listed at and retails between $2.19 to $2.89 per pack. Much to our excitement, Aqua2Go will be on TARGET shelves this Fall! Yahoo! Target is our 2nd home. :)

Stacey and her Aqua2Go team make it fairly easy for you to approach your local grocer, school, health club, etc. where you want to see Aqua2Go stocked on their shelves. Just print out THIS form and present it to the person(s) in charge of purchasing at said locations. You'd better believe I'm joining Stacey's street team!

Look, even Ellen DeGeneres is a part of the street team!

Stacey appeared on Ellen!

Aqua2Go is refreshing and easy to tote around on whatever journey you might be taking. This product most definitely gets our seal of approval!