The Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players

A quirky, folk, pop music family band in vintage threads? No, it's not the Partridge Family! You sort of have to see it to believe it. We stumbled upon this little gem of a band while watching Jack's Big Music Show one day with our son. They incorporate the very original idea of taking random people's old slides and incorporating them into their live shows, and actually writing some of their music based on these slides!

New to the world of kids music, Jason Trachtenberg has been making his own solo records and performing in places like Austin, Seattle & NYC. He later got his little family of three involved, and this unique trio was formed. Check out their website and their MySpace, and become a Trachtenberg junkie too! When they make it back to the states, we'll be interviewing them and more! We'll also have an MP3 up imminently...Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

I love that picture...if only if were that easy to get through security with all of your bags! Ha ha!

Super cute!