The Key to My Heart

Welcome to my new favorite toy store! Golden Key Toys specializes in unique specialty toys and games from all across the globe! This family owned business offers you a wide variety of items for all ages. Are you tired of all that plastic glaring at you? Then pick up some Arcadia blocks, sure to inspire the creative designer in your youngster.

Remember the stackable toys? Thought you'd never see a wooden one again? Wrong! Get your Varino wooden stackable man here. Isn't he sweet looking?

Noel was lucky enough to get these two sets of toys and he just loves them! He's getting proficient at stacking, and he loves to try and build with the blocks. I think these will be great fun when he's older.

Remember stuffed animals, back before they were neon colored or looked insane? Guess what? You can still get normal looking stuffed animals! Here's Hailey with her new buddy, Wombel Bombel Rabbit! And what are Hails and Wombel Bombel playing with? Wooden food from Melissa & Doug!

Friends, this is just the tip of the iceberg! Golden Key Toys has vintage items that you're sure to remember (and perhaps some that even your parents may remember!), educational games and toys, unique construction toys, and even dress up clothes! There's so much head on over and take a look! Whether you're buying something new for your child or getting a "one-of-a-kind" gift for a birthday party, Golden Key Toys is the place to shop.


Anonymous said...

Wooden Food! This beats the plastic variety found on many grandparent tables in the 70's!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some great toys!!