Tonight, I'm a Rock n Roll Star!

Oh, SlickSugar, I love you! You came into my life such a short time ago, and gave my son this most perfect t-shirt (I've been working with him on "Rock n' Roll fingers, but he doesn't have it down quite yet). Since then, I can't get you out of my mind, with your guitar gowns for newborns, and your rockin' duds for infants and toddlers. Vintage cars, flying V guitars,'re just too cool for school!

You know why I love you even more, SlickSugar? Because you've got a totally rad SALE going on right now...shirts with old "hogs", drum kits, boom boxes(!), break dancers, juke boxes, funky taxis and more!

I love you even more because your owners are cool, and they love fashionable kids and music as much as I do. Not to mention, they are philanthropic and give $1 from every sale to the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation-because NO education is complete without music education!

Another reason to love you: you're giving all of our readers 15% off purchases if they use the coupon code MUMS. You're just too wonderful. I must go...I'm getting all choked up. You've stolen my heart, SlickSugar!

I forgot to mention onnnnne last thing: A CONTEST! My SlickSugar love will give one lucky reader the shirt of their choice! Just submit to the most ROCKINIST picture of your little tyke! They can be playing an instrument, giving "rock n' roll fingers", dancing, ANYTHING-as long as it's rockin'. Amy & I will pick our favorite picture, and feature it on our site, and SlickSugar will feature it on theirs! Enter, and keep on rockin' in the free world!

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Anonymous said...

this was a seriously funny love letter/blog!