Oh, Vincent!

We are Vincent CRAZY!
Vincent shoes are where fun, fashion, and function collide to bring you wonderful finds like the Smiths and Bettys that you see pictured.
Started in Sweden, Vincent Shoes were born out of necessity... it's necessary for kids to have shoes that are not only healthy for young, growing feet, but different and cool as well!
While fashion-inspired, the Vincent shoes are not "over-designed" and there is always a focus on fit, functionality and practical use, regardless of if it is a kid's shoe, a kid's boot, a kid's sneaker, a kid's daily wear shoe, soft baby booties and prewalkers shoes or a more heavy-duty Vincent kid's rain boot or kids' snow boot.
Vincent has so many styles to choose from-casual, dressy, rainwear, and so much more! There are so many choices, there's no way you'll leave the store with just one pair...aaaaand, right now Vincent is having a HUGE summer sale! Get 'em while it's hot!


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh these are adorable!