Goin' Au Naturale, Baby

My hubby just came by and planted one on me and told me how "soft" my lips feel. To his compliment I replied, "All the better to kiss you with, my dear". Now I can see where BABYBEARSHOP came up with the tag line for their irresistible "All the Better to Kiss You With" lip balms.

These certified organic lip balms come in three lovely scents; Peppermint, Chai Mandarin and Lavender Vanilla. Let me just tell you...these are some fabulously natural lip balms! I can't decide which one is my favorite so I'm just going to tell you that all three of them are. Each flavor comes in a recyclable vintage tin, perfect for your pocket.

Diana Lussenden Stewart, founder of BABYBEARSHOP has quite a story to share about the birth of her company, which was born primarily due to her daughter's extremely allergic skin. We admire people like her for doing such in-depth research and creating smart products for all of us to use. Diana, you are a VERY UNIQUE MUM, indeed! Thank you for helping us all become aware of products on the market that we use on our skin. You can read more about Diana's story HERE.

BABYBEARSHOP has their own signature stretchmark oil (that has many more uses), "mama belly oil", as well as their own shea butter baby creme, "cheeky baby butter". Check out their organic gift sets, an absolutely fantastic idea for that new mom! There are seven unique sets to choose from.

You can also check out the BABYBEARSHOP blog HERE.