Baby Dagny - Half Off Seat Chillers!

I've had my eye on one of these for a while now and with the sweltering Chicago heat and a toddler who lets me know it's "hot" when I put her in her car seat, it's about due time that I pick up a Seat Chiller. I was happy to find out that Baby Dagny's Seat Chiller's are HALF OFF (reg. price $40) right now while supplies last!

Drea has reviewed one over at her site and I plan on throwing out my own two cents about them after we've tested it.

Also, don't forget that Baby Dagny has weekly photo contests. If your baby's photo is chosen, they give you a $20 gift certificate to their eBoutique. Not a bad deal at all!

Promise if you go and purchase one that you tell them that "MumsTheWurd sent ya". : )