Boon, Take Two!

Amy already had a training potty, so she sent me this! It matches our frog, so now if we just paint the rest of our bathroom avacado, we're set! We're very far from potty training right now, but this also serves as a step stool for the little guy. Although he's still a little short, we're using it for him to stand at the sink and wash his hands after dinner.

What I like about this, for potty training purposes, is that it has a compartment for training supplies-including a toilet paper holder, and another compartment for books, or whatever you'd like to put in it! Being the parent of a boy, I also like the orange deflector.

This is a super cool potty-I can't wait to get started using it!!! The two Boon products I have are both excellent.


Anonymous said...

that seat is so awesome!

Drea said...

what an awesome toilet! I never used infant toilets w/ Caleb but Im doing EC-ing w/ Taite (infant potty training) that looks perfect! may look into one.