oh, that zaney dan!

this guy is by FAR the best children's musician out there...he rocks.  paste magazine even did an article on him, so you know he's legit!  we've got the all around the kitchen dvd, which features a live show and some videos, as well as the family dance cd...and yes, the whole family WILL dance to it (you may even find yourself doing the hokey pokey to a super fun version of the song!!!).  i found both on ebay, and i think the grand total was maybe $20. 

i plan to purchase more cds & the ukulele for noel in the future, and we're also planning attend a show, should he ever show up in our neck of the woods...we'd even travel to see him (we've done it before & we'd do it again!). 


Anonymous said...

I love Dan Zanes!!!! My 14 month old daughter loves it and so do I...catchy little tunes with an edge. I DO find myself putting my left foot in, out and then SHAKING IT ALL ABOUT.