my apologies, einstein

before having a baby, i hated baby einstein. i can sum up my former thoughts about einstein products with one word: gimmick. well, i was wrong, and when i'm wrong, i'll admit it. i love these products! the dvds have saved my sanity several times when my son was younger. our most recent einstein purchase was this set:

the alphabooks are 26 individual books that, you guessed it...focus on each letter of the alphabet. they come in a cute little portable box (with handy carrying capabilities!), are bright and colorful, and use characters from the videos that your kids might recognize! i'm hoping these will be a good tool to use with noel to help him learn his all important ABC's. so far, he seems to enjoy them! the two downsides to these books: too tiny (about 2 1/2" x 2 1/2) and too short (only three pages). however, i like them because noel can easily thumb through them, and they're bright and colorful to keep him interested. all in all, a good choice (and only $11 at costco!).