learning is fun!

i love leapfrog products!
we got these things for noel for christmas:
the night we got this, elliott and i must have played with it for an hour after noel went to bed.  he loves it.  whenever he spins the little shaker, he dances.  he loves flipping the book too.  as he's gotten older, he's started playing with it way more...the thing i like about this, is that it grows with them.  now if my child would just stop climbing on top of it...
these maracas are great too.  one is a regular "shaker" and the other teaches colors, numbers, and sounds...in english & spanish!  i think noel will catch on to them as he gets older.  he actually prefers the shaker to the teacher at this point. however, it's fun when i give him the shaker and take the other one and we shake together!
we've also got this:
baby tad is another toy that noel's come to enjoy more as he's gotten older.  now he get's REALLY excited when you play the songs on tad.  he's still figuring out the buttons, but i love this toy...tad is sweet and wants hugs!
i really believe in leapfrog...i have seen kids that know names of presidents and the capitals of every country in the world by playing with leap toys.  i'm on board!