i like wagons

we purchased a used today's kids wagon from craigslist. i highly recommend craigslist.com for online bargain purchases. most big cities have access to this website and can list products or services.

the wagon we purchased has the higher sides, so your child won't easily fall out. i would have liked for it to have a little seatbelt but this one doesn't. i think i've seen others that have seatbelts though. this works best for the "active" child. there is also a little door that the child can open and close to step in and out of the wagon.

this wagon will be great for trips to the park and around the neighborhood!

i couldn't find the today's kid brand online anywhere. i thought that was a little odd. it is a great wagon though. other brands offer similar wagons; radio flyer, little tykes, etc.

i'll post pictures as soon as i take some!